Sunday, November 20, 2016

Little Snowy "Renovated House"

Today, after cleaning up our "third child"'s house (aka little snowy, our pet hamster), we use the new bedding we just bought and let little snowy have a new cozy feeling in her house. Little snowy have been together with us for about 2 months.

We didn't know that we need to get quite a few pieces of stuff for little snowy before she can be accepted as a pet.

Some of the things which can be purchased on Amazon if you want to keep hamster as a pet are as follows:

1) Kaytee CritterTrail Clear Habitat (Exactly the same design but different color we bought)
2) Hamster Bedding (We used to get this type of bedding but currently trying out a new type)
3) Hamster Hideout (We get this in yellow color)
4) Bath Powder (We bought "Trustie bath sand which is not listed on Amazon)
5) Hamster Food (We prefer diversity of food to keep little snowy healthy)

Below are some of the videos we took for little snowy:

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