Thursday, June 20, 2019

2019 June School Holidays - Resorts World Genting (Malaysia) Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park

Thanks to sister-in-law's planning and execution, we have a family trip to Resorts World Genting (Malaysia) on the first week of June school holidays.

The last time we went Genting was when Cherie was only a few months old and I suppose I was pregnant with Cyrus but at that time was about 1 to 2 month pregnant). Initially, I thought C&C could play at the theme park but seems like the theme park was not fully open and only indoor theme park is available.

The ticket price is RM16 per ride on Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holidays and School Holidays. Normal price from Monday to Friday will be RM11. There is a "Preview Pass" which cost RM64 which allows unlimited rides within that day. 2 Day pass cost RM83. Both adult and children cost the same.

I wanted to buy 4x 1 day pass for our family but after some consideration, I decided to just buy 2x 1 day pass for C&C. The reason being I can't ride most of the rides with them due to height limitation and some rides which hubby and I can ride, C&C couldn't ride. In this case, it will be a waste for us since we can't ride rides without taking care of C&C.

Cyrus was lucky that his height is approximately 120cm to 122cm hence he can ride most of the kiddy rides and adult rides. Cherie is not as lucky. As Cherie is approximately 130cm and above, she couldn't ride kiddy rides and adult rides are too scary for her (after all she is only 8 years old!).

Ended up Cyrus had tons of fun and Cherie was disappointed (to be frank if I didn't calculate wrongly, Cherie only rides about 4 rides).

Overall, I still think it's enjoyable as long as you take note about the height limit. Some parents didn't check their kid's height limit before queuing for the rides. It was quite a long queue hence imagine the disappointment when the kids couldn't ride when it's their turn.

Some of the rides need the kid to be at least 122cm tall to be able to ride alone (under 122cm needs a paying adult whom is at least 16 years old to ride with the kids. Older siblings who is taller than 122cm but under 16 years old are not counted). I noticed that some parents were like me didn't purchase the 1 day pass for themselves but didn't check the height of their kids before queuing and was turned away by the staff when it's was their turn (I'm a kiasu Singaporean mom. I asked the staff and confirmed Cyrus's height with the staff before proceeding to queue for the ride).

A small exhibition available during school holidays. Kids with theme park tickets get complimentary entry

People mountain people sea (Singlish style of expressing that there's a lot of people)

Price of the tickets. I was thinking about getting snow city and skytropolis indoor theme park package which cost RM95. Am lucky that I saw the review online and went to the snow city to take a peek (it was glass window hence I can see inside). The snow city is more like an ice city. Some adults tried to make a snowball using the "snow" on the floor but it can't stick at all just slip away thru their fingers like sand (I was lucky to see it hence I decided not to waste time to go to their snow city)

Some of the rides were not available (referring to those with a cross beside the rides). You can check this list and your children's height to confirm which rides they are able to ride alone and which rides they need an adult to accompany. As you can see, for Cherie's height she can only play with Ballon Race, Royal Carousel and Boo Boo Bump (by the way, I didn't manage to "discover" Boo Boo Bump... not sure where is this ride?). The rest are thrill rides (the only thrill rides she manages to ride were Sky Tower. The rest are 360-degree spinning and Bumper Boss (bumper car) was closed by the time we wanted to queue for it.

Baloon Race

Royal Carousel

Interactive screen. The elephant is actually copying my action. Cyrus was too short for the sensor to sense his action

Whirly Bugs (it was closed initially but operates in the late evening)

Copper Express

Sky Towers

Cyrus's favourite ride! Jumping Spurs

Loop de Loop. Cherie was super envy but couldn't play due to her height was over limit

Sunday, June 16, 2019

2019 June School Holidays - National Museum of Singapore

It's June school holidays (again). C&C still attending student care every day during weekdays as their mommy is full time working. But their working mom has always believed that children learnt more thru play.

Knowing that museums have a lot of activities or exhibition cater for children during school holidays, hence I decided to bring them to a museum to hang out after their swimming lesson.

Initially I wanted to go to Singapore Art Museum (SAM). However, by the time we reached there we noticed that the museum is closed due to redevelopment (as at 15 June 2019). We were lucky that National Museum of Singapore was near (some walking distance but within 10 minutes). So here we go~

National Museum of Singapore is currently holding "Get Curious!" Children's Special at the National Museum from 1st to 30th June 2019 at their basement level. The good news is this exhibition is open to all without any entrance fee. Well~ working mommy also very practical you know? *lol*

The escalator towards the play&play for all!

I was wondering where is the bouncing castle which the museum staff had informed me at the entrance of the museum.

It's a huge magnetic puzzle of Singapore long long time ago (before we developed)

Patching broken pieces~

I'm not sure why but le son seems to be obsessed with this game

Finally found the bouncing castle. The entrance was at the end of the pathway!

This play area is actually sensory play for toddlers

This green little bird bouncing castle had long queues. Every time 6 children are allowed to go in and play with a certain time limit. I prefer it to be like this at least kids will not crush kids if over crowed.

C&C manage to play in all bouncing castle (shaped like birds from our region)

Another sensory tent for toddlers

Monday, February 25, 2019

Towards 2nd month of 2019 (Both C&C in primary school)

Initially my plan was to bring Cyrus (together with Cherie) to school every morning for the 1st week only and let both C&C go to school by themselves from second week onwards (that's what my grand parents did when I attended primary school myself. They brought me to school the first week and I started to go to school myself from second week - if my memory never fail me).

However, Cyrus is not as "mature" as Cherie so ended up I extended to 1 month. On the last day of January 2019, I finally let both of them go to school by themselves. 

During the period when I bring them to school, every morning after preparing their breakfast and food for snack break I will need to wash up and change in order to bring them to school. So ended up they need to wait for me after they had their breakfast and was ready to go to school. By letting them to go to school by themselves, they no need to wait for me hence they have ample time to stroll to school instead of me dragging them. (^0^)

As they grow up and enter different phrase in life, different problem surfaced. Cherie recently comment that she needs tuition on her Chinese as she doesn't really understand what she studied. I have called and checked on Chinese tuition center which is located at the mall near our home. The cost shocks me! The tuition cost approximately $45 per 1 1/2 hours (not inclusive of registration fee). I really contemplate to work as tuition teacher when I retire *lol*. But on the other hand, I've always been good in Chinese and I never get anything less than A since primary school for my Chinese... So I should be able to teach my children by myself don't I? Provided they listen to me... Haiz~

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Double trouble begins from Primary School

Think I was too naive to think that life will be easier with both C&C attending primary school.

The advantage of both kids attending primary school will be I don't need to run to 2 school to send/fetch them anymore. The down side is waking Cyrus up at 6:45am to 7am.... It is tough~ but manageable.

Both C&C were under my care and attend same childcare but they have totally different characteristics. Cyrus who is good in academic wise seems to be no clue in normal daily life. Cherie who is good at daily life is not as strong in academic as her brother.

The son had lost his wallet, lost his lunch box, forgot his water bottle since 2nd week of school. Luckily, he has no issue on his homework and spelling. The daughter had never lost anything and can handle her own stuff well but she came back one day and told me that she felt stressed about her Chinese homework and spelling. Now I am really considering whether to send her to tuition but I will try to see whether I can assist her first.

Well~ Shall I say having kids "spice up our life"?

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Cyrus's first official school day in Primary School and problem following

Actually both C&C have different characters though they are brother and sister. Cyrus missed out to pack his wallet on first official school day (he has some $2 notes in cabinet and he was supposed to refill his wallet everyday which Cherie has been doing last year).

I already knew about it when we were on the way to school. I have already told him to pack his wallet and bag the day before but he was busy playing hence he forgot to pack. In order to teach him a lesson, I didn't give him extra money but I did inform Cherie to take care of him since P1 and P2 share the same recess time and they already planned to meet during recess (they planned and informed me about their plan).

I knew that Cherie always bring $2 and only spend $1.30 for food during recess and she normally don't buy drinks if she have her water bottle. Cyrus didn't refill his wallet but he had told me on Friday (3rd day of orientation) that he has left with a lot of coins which I guessed he had also spend $1.30 for recess and should have $0.70 remaining in his wallet. In this case, if Cherie lend him $0.70 (remaining after she bought her own food), Cyrus should have sufficient money to get himself a bowl of noodle or rice.

Well~ seems like my son doesn't inherit my logical thinking... He totally forgot that he was holding his wallet when I fetched him on Friday from student care and I stuff the wallet at the side pocket of the bag (I already informed him... but as usual... I think he didn't bring his ears out with him...).

When I fetched both C&C after I knock off, I asked about whether they did settle their recess and Cherie told me she spend $1.30 (her own money) to buy a bowl of noodle and as Cyrus doesn't have a single cent (which he actually have in the side pocket of his bag), they shared the bowl of noodle. Cyrus ate more portion while Cherie only get to eat small portion.

Regarding this, I really feel like vomiting blood... the reason being I know that the canteen sell different portion! $1.30 is small portion. They have medium portion at $1.50 and large portion at $2 to cater to different eater (some children are small eater, some children are big eater). They could have buy $2 portion and share... *rolling my eyes real hard*

Cyrus is lucky to have a doting sister but I think this is the reason why he seems so carefree and doesn't feel anything about his responsibility.

After only four days, on the Friday of the same week, Cyrus came back home telling me he had lost his wallet and snack box. I asked him when did he have his snack? He told me he had it in class. I asked him whether he had eaten during recess? He said yes, he had used the money in the wallet to buy food. So the question is, snack break was before recess and he used his wallet during recess so how come both disappear at the same time? Don't tell me he has a black hole inside his bag?

Anyway, losing the wallet and snack box is small issue. I already know that children are forgetful especially when they got things to play so I normally don't get expensive stuff for them. Most of the time I even use free gifts so when they lost it we will not be heart pain. The main point is I felt that Cyrus doesn't take responsibility on his own belonging.

Hence, I talked to both C&C and told Cherie not to help her brother the next time if he forget to bring money or lost his wallet. He really needs to feel some pain (he is a big eater and get hungry easily) to learnt his lesson. He rely too much on us and this is not what I want my kids to be. I rather they be more independent as we will not always be there for them.

Because I love you, I want you to be a stronger and independent person since I won't always be there for you.

A surprise by Cyrus for me after I come out from shower. I love you too son, that's why my most precious gift to you is teaching you to be independent.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Cyrus attending primary school + Student Care (After school care)

It's 2019! Time really flies! It seems like yesterday when we took our four month old son to infant care and now he is attending P1 (primary 1).

All thanks to his elder sister, he has priority in admission to primary school and student care which Cherie is attending hence I have less stress this year though Cyrus is born in the year of dragon (normally dragon year have higher birth rate hence competition is stiff).

Same as when Cherie attending primary school on first day, the mommy is the most anxious. Both C&C were very calm and relax. *lol*

This time round, parents were only allowed to visit the primary school to give their children who are attending P1 some morale support on the first day of school. I just showed my face and waved like crazy during 7:30am (reporting time); 10am (recess) and 12:30pm (end of school but Cyrus was assigned to attend student care so I just waved at him when he was having lunch and left for home.

Thanks to his elder sister doing PR (public relation) for him, Cyrus was sort of popular between the P2 students. So he was sort of enjoying the attention for the first few days.

First three days of school were orientation to allow the children get to know their classmates and their new teacher in charge (this year school day starts from Wednesday so official school days start on Monday of second week.

I shall continue blogging about his first official school day in my next blog.

He was so excited to attend primary school due to his ❤️ of math. He told me he is finally going to learnt more math *lol*

Parents were not allowed to go in to their class. We just stand outside for awhile.

Recess time! You don't how hard I waved to get his attention... Just trying to show morale support :p

This is after school and during lunch time after he reported to student care

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Staycation @ Furama Riverfront Singapore III

Our package includes complimentary buffet dinner at The Square@Furama or Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant including free-flow of soft drinks (the soft drinks were actually self-made fizzy drinks).

We selected The Square@Furama due to the play area available inside the restaurant. Well~ it is the only way we can slowly enjoy our dinner while C&C have fun!

From the website, it indicated the restaurant had been voted as one of Singapore's top restaurant but I noticed the last award indicated was in 2008 (you know what I'm trying to say here right? :p). The food was quite normal but I personally think the desserts were quite good. Most important thing is children can have fun after their dinner and parents can take their own sweet time to enjoy their dinner.

The fizzy bar is an interesting concept. You can make your own "soft-drinks" at the fizzy bar.

We came back again next morning for the complimentary breakfast. I was amazed by the pancake machine.

After breakfast, C&C went straight to the pool before we end our 22 hours vacation. 

Even before we can take food from the buffet line, C&C has rushed into the play area. 


Love the dessert!

Singapore Style Coffe/Tea

If you follow our facebook page Working MaMa vs C&C you will know how Cyrus love his watermelons....

I always love desserts with coffee without sugar

Le hubby said this is fine dinning style (just a reminder that we were having buffet)

Energetic C&C... continue to dance&dance...

Pancake machine!

Kopi! (Singapore style: Coffe with condense milk)

Walk around after breakfast as it was raining. This view is available from Waterfall Lounge

C&C relaxing~ we pay... they relax...