Friday, February 24, 2017

Singapore Botanic Gardens

One Sunday, while thinking where to bring C&C, daddy suggested to go to Botanic Gardens for a picnic. So we bring along our picnic mat & bought some bread from the bakery and took Circle Line (CCL train) to Botanic Gardens! It was a hot and humid day but C&C had tons of fun.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

We were looking for ideal place to picnic ended up we decided to go to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden for the sake of C&C

Caterpillar shaped pots of plant

We found a hut with a nice view. Chocolate milk and bread for picnic (too lazy to pack food... Opps!)

The pond infront of the hut. Full of fishes!

The tortoise came out of the pond to have a suntan

It was drizzle a little and our creative boy picks up a leave and a stick and made his own version of umbrella

Tree house playground in the children's garden

Lunch time! Cyrus fall asleep when daddy went to order our lunch. We only woke him up after we finished our pizza :p

香港有赌神,新加坡有睡神。He stayed asleep with this pose (sitting only 1/10 of the chair) until we finished the whole pizza

Cyrus ordered this before he knocked out. I woke him to eat his rice after we finish our pizza

Super yummy pizza!

He told me to take his picture and he gave me this face...

We bought fish food from service center but there were no fish and the tortoise ate all 😂

Sun tanning with the tortoise... It was super sunny... *hot hot*

Black swan came to join in the fun

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