Saturday, May 27, 2017

Third night of cruise - eat~ play~ watch movie~

Third night of the cruise which will depart from Phuket at 9:30pm. The cruise were quite empty as a lot of people went out to Phuket island and will only be back by batches (it will take some time to ferry all guest back).

When we went to main dining room for dinner it was quite empty and we enjoyed our dinner. I requested the wait staff to serve the kids first as I want to try out the service of the Adventure Ocean pick-up service which they will pick up your kids from the entrance of Deck 4 main dining hall from 6:40pm to 6:50pm (dinner time at main dining starts from 6pm). Our dining table was at deck 3 so daddy had to bring the kids to deck 4 for the pick up. But Cyrus was exhausted and fall asleep! Ended up only Cherie was picked up by the youth staff and we proceed to enjoy our dinner. To support our wait staff (whom I think has KPI since he had tried to pursuade us to order lobster menu since day 1 and additional order out of the normal menu has a cost plus 18% gratitude fee which in Singapore language it should be service charge), I ordered the lobster menu and 1 glass of Moscato for me and hubby ordered  a  glass of champagne. Cyrus slept thru the dinner so we enjoyed our dinner &  desserts and wait for him to wake up to eat his dinner before sending him to the Adventure Ocean room for him to continue to play.

After we picked up C&C from the Adventure Ocean, I proceed to bring C&C back to the room to rest while daddy went to the Theatre to watch 3D Doctor Strange.

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