Thursday, September 28, 2017

Swimming Lesson for C&C

Knowing how to swim is important (to me) as I couldn't be around C&C forever and they need to learnt how to self help if they fall into sea/deep pool. Hence I started to find suitable swimming school/coach online which is available at the swimming complex near my home.

The first school I enquired (saw their ad on Facebook) requires me to pay for 2 month school fees (S$70 per month) and refundable deposit of $35, plus purchase of starter kit at $35. Meaning total I will need to pay upfront $210 per child before the lesson start. I was puzzled regarding the deposit and 2 month school fees. If I have to pay for 2 month school fees in advance, why do I need to pay for another $35 as deposit?

When I talked about this to my friends, one of my friend recommended me a website which her child's swimming coach provided her. I tried contacting them and they never request so many things just 1 month school fees will do. Hence I proceed to sign C&C with this school. Frankly speaking, though they never mention anything about starter kit... when we went for first lesson, the instructor informed that the kids need to have their personal float and hand floats for beginner and they don't provide (but they are selling). We were somehow forced to purchase the float and hand floats at $30 from the instructor. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is this school sales tactic is better than the first school! *lol*

The school which I selected has very advance school fee payment system. The first school provides me bank account to transfer the school fees but the selected school provides me electronic invoice for me to make payment! I just have to click into the hyperlink they provide and make payment with credit/debit card and they will send me a receipt after the payment went thru! I was too busy with work recently and only remember to make payment for 2nd month lesson at the swimming pool using my smart phone while C&C have their lesson! Super convenient and I don't need to pay cash to the instructor directly.

Photo taken approximately 2nd or 3rd lesson

Cherie's first swimming lesson

Cyrus's first swimming lesson

Paid their school fee online (I registered them on last week of August hence there's a difference of 1 week of school fee and it will be adjusted by 4th month of the lesson~)

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