Saturday, December 2, 2017

Genting Dream Balcony Stateroom

Before booking for our holiday, I knew that Dream Cruise formerly travels from Hong Kong to China and will permanently change route to Singapore as they have another new ship - World Dream which just newly created this year (2017) will replace the Hong Kong route.

Genting Dream started sailing from November 2016 hence it is quite new compare to our previous cruise trip on Voyages of the Sea (Royal Carribean).

I tried to book online but during the time I was checking (approximately 1+ month in advance before the cruise start to use Singapore as home port) it only showed inside stateroom and Dream Palace were available. Hence I tried my luck to call a tour agency near my home and they have vacancy. Heard that Genting Dream block a few rooms for the tour agency hence it didn't show availability on the website. During the time we make our booking, there was a promotion of upgrading from ocean stateroom (room with window) to balcony stateroom (room with balcony). Hence we got upgraded to balcony stateroom for the price for ocean stateroom. The overall cost is higher compare to our previous trip (based on daily average since previously was 4 nights trip and this time round is 5 nights trip) as this time round we travel during Singapore school holidays (previously we took cruise during non school holiday season.

The stateroom seems a bit cramp by the time we reached as the sofa has been converted to bed. The bed in the stateroom is quite spacious. The restroom is wide compare to Royal Carribean. Toiletries like tooth brush, comb, shampoo, conditioner, bath robe and vanity kit are available which I think it's much convenient compare to Royal Carribean which only soap and head to toe wash were provided. I've brought my own shampoo & conditioner and tooth brush due to my previous experience with Royal Carribean but has no use as the toiletries which Genting Dream provides are quite good to miss!

But I need to be honest with you as during our stay with Royal Carribean, we stayed in ocean stateroom instead of balcony stateroom so it might not be accurate.

Almost forgot to mention the most important thing! The balcony stateroom we stayed in have both European plug and Singapore plug available! We brought 2 adapter (just incase) but had no use since there is Singapore plug available.

We squeezed in the balcony for a photo. Quite spacious in my point of view.

Seems like daddy & mommy are not the only one enjoying the balcony~

The sofa has been converted to bed by the time we reached. I think if only 2 person is staying this room will be super spacious.

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