Monday, August 29, 2016

My daily routine with Cherie and Cyrus Monday to Friday

Every morning, after woke up and helped them get dressed and brushed teeth, I would bring them to school. Sometimes with their eyes fully opened, most of the time with their eyes half opened.

Some time they will throw tantrum at me and tell me that they don't like school and don't feel like going.

I told them in school, you can learn a lot of things and make a lot of new friends.

While walking to school, usually I will tell Cherie to hold his brother's hand and take good care of him especially when they are crossing the road. I would compliment her every time for taking good care of her brother.

Sometimes she will listens, most of the time she don't. She always want to be faster and better than her brother as she deem her brother walk too slow.

I would tell her to learn how to be patient and tell her to enjoy the journey to school rather than wanting to rush to school and be the first to reach.

Cherie also like to rush to press the traffic light button and make the "green walking man" appears faster so that she can dash over the road.

However, most of the time when she did that, her brother Cyrus already caught up with her while the "standing red man" is still there.

When Cherie was the first one to reach school, she will give me a victory hand-sign and also to showoff to Cyrus and make him frustrated.

This usually is the whole chunk of my daily morning activities.

At around 6 pm - 7 pm, I would then go to their school and pick them up.

Most of the time, I dunno why but it seem that everyday there's someone having a birthday in her school. Either Cherie or Cyrus sure has some goodies bag in their school bags. And while walking home, they would persuade me to open up the goodies bag and let them have a taste of their "present" before they reach home.

I would always tell them to share their goodies bag with one another.

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