Sunday, February 5, 2017

C&C first trip to USS - 1

Time flies. Cherie turned 6 years old this year. Before lunar new year, we were lucky to won 2 adult tickets for USS (Universal Studio Singapore) and as Cherie's birthday was round the corner, we decided to celebrate her birthday at USS by buying 2 tickets for the children.

They were so excited to go for their first ride!

Don't be surprised but this is their favourite ride! Think their courage is more than their mommy... *lol*

Cyrus wanted to ride on this but Cherie said she didn't want to ride this hence daddy accompany the son while mommy brought Cherie to get some snacks.

Someone is so happy with her bacon and cheese hotdog set which cost SGD14 (T-T)
She have this since she didn't ride the attraction which her little brother rode on.

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