Sunday, February 5, 2017

C&C first trip to USS - 2

The weather was hot but the kids were super happy and active. After some fun it's time for lunch! Initially we would like to try out the Jurassic Park's foodcourt but it was super crowded! We couldn't find seat and mommy felt so stressed with the crowd so she suggested we ride other rides first and eat at a later timing. It's great that we gave up and went to look for available rides! We found another foodcourt which was less crowd and not much queue! The food is quite ok too~ We spend approximately SGD50 for 2 set meal and 2 kids meal

Look at the smile of the birthday girl... the tiredness are all worth it.

It's hard to take his picture... he is always so curious looking at everywhere. 

Jurassic Park! Can we feed the kids to the dinosaurs when they are naughty! Opps...

Oh mommy! Look! 

Mommy reckon that this Dino is hungry and Cherie volunteer to feed it... just joking! 

The foodcourt we found which was less crowded.

Our lunch! Taste ok!

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