Friday, February 17, 2017

Mommy time with C&C - 2

C&C are energetic (well~ I shall say they are super well trained) and they requested to go to a indoor playground. Initially I went to Hockey Pockey at Seletar Mall to check out but there was event going on and the cost for per kid was S$26 per 2 hours play... Frankly speaking I think it is more suitable for young children like toddler and the toys were somehow similar to what C&C's childcare have. Hence I brought them to Polliwog at Suntec (Suntec had become super family friendly recently! We went Cool de Sac few months ago and C&C had great fun too). It is consider quite small scale compare to Kidsamaze but it is much accessible as we took train there.

C&C had fun on their own while I catch up some reading. Win win situation!

One for Cherie and one for Cyrus

This is an area for 3 years old and below. Cushioned and safe for young kids in my point of view.

Seriously speaking... if there were no other parent around... I also feel like jumping on this... :p

It's a bit tough to take full picture of the play area for 3 years old and above as the area were quite narrow

Need me to say more? They are now on their own.

While they play~ I have peaceful time to do my own reading.

It was almost time to go and they requested for a "last bounce"

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