Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mommy time with C&C - 1

Being a working mom means I need to work from Monday to Friday and the kids have to attend childcare for full day. Daddy and I used to study part-time degree while working full time and I always felt that I didn't have time to spend with C&C as I worked Monday to Friday and need to go to school or go out to study on Saturday and Sunday. Life was tough then, while trying to cope with my job and school work I felt guilty towards C&C as I need to leave them with our parents and go to school to study. 

Now that I graduated, I continue to work full time though I admit I changed to a job which was less tedious (life is full of choices to be frank). Weekend we normally spend time playing with the kids as we think that  as children grow up, they will have their own life (we were kids once too) so we cherish our time spend with them now.

Last Saturday, daddy said he wants to stay at home so mommy head out with C&C for full day. C&C had a date with mommy. We went to Hoshino Coffee for lunch.

Fruit tea which both C&C and Mommy loves! Cherie kissed Cyrus earlier on so Cyrus was trying to kiss his sister back hence his lips were like this. (I don't know what happened but sometimes they are like this~ One moment quarrel and the next moment they hug each other)

C&C's all time favourite. Tomato base seafood pasta.

Cute tableware for the kids

My risotto... I think the pasta tasted nicer :p

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