Saturday, March 4, 2017

Cherie fry egg for breakfast

As working parents, what we ever want to do is to sleep late during the weekend but with C&C around, sleep thru morning is almost impossible. Today I was woke up by C&C as they keep waking me up telling me that they were hungry. Without a choice, I woke up and brush up (C&C needs reminder to brush up in the morning too so I pass them their tooth brush before proceeding to brush my own teeth). Cherie told me that she wants to eat egg and she was eager to crack the egg into a bowl (I guess it's the aftermath of previous session of baking cupcakes and she likes to help cracking eggs) so I decided to teach her how to fry her own eggs. I guided her along to prevent any kitchen accident.

She cracked 2 eggs on her own and mixed it by adding some pepper. I stopped her from adding soy sauce but I didn't manage to stop her from adding pepper... I don't really like kids to eat too much condiments as they might not like food with it's natural taste without condiments in long  run. The little brother was trying to be funny again~ Of course Cherie accidentally spilled some of the egg white out of the bowl but who doesn't learnt from mistake?

I held her hand to teach her how to switch on the gas stove and took this time to explain to C&C that  leaving the gas stove on might cause explosion.

Voila~ breakfast for her brother and herself

After breakfast they played with toys together

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