Saturday, March 11, 2017

Oval the rainbow carnival

Daddy told us there's a carnival going on near to our home so we decided to take bus there to check it out. We reached too early as the activities starts at 4pm and we reached around 2pm! It was very sunny and hot weather but C&C still had fun as the playground there are very interesting! I'm glad we brought a straw mat with us so while C&C plays, daddy & mommy sat under a tree and relax.

The details of the carnival. We went too early hence by 6pm we already too exhausted to stay for the  outdoor movie screening.

Super cool playground! This area is call Seletar Aerospace and even the playgrounds are related!

A "helipad" and a smaller scale of aircraft playground for younger children.

Cyrus loves this! He climbed up, waved at me and slide down multiple times!

Too hot weather... time to cool down with young coconut juice~ taste super sweet!

Infront of us was a beautiful garden which reminds us of Australia

Art & craft after our late lunch. As the activities only starting from 4pm, we went for lunch at around 3pm so at least we can escape from the hot weather for awhile.

Cherie waiting for her badge to be done.


Cherie went to get candy floss and she took one for Cyrus. See how happy he is.

The $8 ice cream which we threw half of it away due to the Gula Melaka or something.. not our cup of tea (T-T)

Picnic everywhere. I should stop tacking wefie on my own... my big round face... 

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