Saturday, May 20, 2017

Adventure Ocean on Voyages of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)

C&C had so much fun at the Adventure Ocean so I decided to pen down this piece of memory for them!

The kids can have fun whole day while the parents go for activities or just chill and relax. From 2nd day of the cruise onwards the operational time starts from 9am to 12pm; 2pm to 5pm and 6:45pm to 10pm (the crews need their well deserved break too!).

Parents can sign up their kids for Adventure Dining which allows the youth staff to bring the kids to one of the restaurant, Windjammer in the cruise for dinner from 5pm to 6:45pm and continue to enjoy the activities at the Adventure Ocean after the dinner. After consideration, we did not try out the Adventure dining as Windjammer serves buffet style and we don't think C&C can take care of themselves well enough.

We did tried out the "Family My Time Dining" but ended up I was very stressed as I keep rushing our wait staff (who was very coorperative and fast respond) to serve C&C their dinner first so that they can meet the pick up time which was 6:40pm to 6:50pm. Ended up Cyrus fall asleep half way thru his dinner and we only managed to send Cherie to the pick up point then we start to enjoy our dinner. I ordered a lobster meal and 2 glasses of wine (which needs to pay in USD) and enjoyed the peaceful dinner (Cherie went to Adventure Ocean and Cyrus fall asleep in the main dinning room).

Check out the photos and video below for some of the interesting activities C&C did in Adventure Ocean!

Adventure Science - Slime Making! Cherie told us the green slime were made from green glue and soap!

Cyrus also made one himself!

Daddy also have fun playing with their slime *lol*

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