Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Second Night of Cruise - Formal night + parents continue to have their freedom

After meeting up with daddy and Cherie in the room after their ice skating session, we decided to take a nap as Cyrus almost fall asleep when we were having lunch.

The cruise reached Penang port at 3pm but we slept until 5pm! We decided not to alight at the port for Penang as we will need to rush back by 9pm and the dress code for 2nd day dinner was formal (Royal Caribbean have dress code for dinner. For our 4 nights stay, 1 night was set to be formal, 1 night tropical and 2 nights casual. But the casual nights do not allow flip flops or shorts hence I guess that's the main reason why from second night onward a lot of people skipped the main dining room and went to other casual dinning). I had packed all our dresses and daddy's formal wear so I didn't want to miss the dinner!

We had the table for 10 all by ourselves! But of course we didn't eat 10 main course. *lol* We took time to enjoy our dinner and dessert. C&C requested to go to the Adventure Ocean hence we brought them there and we have around few hours of freedom.

We fetched them 30 minutes before closing time as we wanted to go for a broadway musical show at the theatre which starts from 10pm. Cherie was very upset as she was half way doing some activities and the musical show were not to her liking but luckily she cooperate until we finished the show and went back to the room to rest for the night... And C&C said they were hungry so we... you know~ ordered room service again! I wonder how come C&C eat so much yet still be able to maintain their "figure"? :p

Cherie's first try on ice skating. She did quite well in balancing since she knows how to rollerblade.

While mommy and Cyrus went for lunch at main dining room, daddy and Cherie enjoyed their ice skating session.

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