Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kidzania Singapore - 2 (Strategize each activity)

After reading some of the review on Facebook, I brought jackets for all of us with water and packet cookies for the kids but end up not using the jackets at all (the aircondition were just right hence I think they did take in some of the feedback regarding the aircondition were too strong). Water and cookie were good choice for temporary relieve but actually they get to eat quite a lot of stuff since the queue were bearable. In total they played 14 activities but it's inclusive of 5 totally different activities they attended. As some of the activities need certain age limit and Cyrus were unable to join, we split to two group and attended different activities but C&C shared the food stuff which they got individually (Cherie attended Science Laboratry and got a bottle of Yakult; role play as customer at 7-11; had a make up at Makeup Atelier. Cyrus attended Ice Cream Factory and got a ice cream; worked at candy shop and got a small packet of Sticky candy). We think there's no point forcing them to play together for some of the activities since their interest were different. 

Outside each role play establishment have a Census Board indicating the activity duration, capacity, suggested age and amount of Kidzos to be earned or spent. We will read the activity start time and estimated wait time to determine whether is it worthwhile to wait or should we proceed to next station. So far only Fire Station was the longest wait as it was always full slot by the time the previous team completed hence we waited for nearly 35minutes for the fire station role play but this is the only longest wait we waited but C&C were super happy as they have been nagging that they want to play at this station ever since we reached in morning (we only queued for it at around 2pm).

As some of the activities deduct kidzos instead of earning it so it's best to mix and match (earned from one station and spend on one station) instead of spending all if not you will have to top up yor kids kidzos using your own money. A degree helps to earn more kidzos but need at least 7 years old to get the degree hence C&C did not get the degree today.

How we determine to wait or to move on. The board will also inform you whether it will be paying you kidzos or needs you to pay for it. You can pay via cash (kidzos) or from ATM card.

While bro C went to make candy, sis C went to put on make up after she completed her customer role at 7-11

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