Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mummies outing with kids at Cool De Sac

Seriously speaking, after becoming a mommy our main priority becomes taking care of kids. We seldom meet up with our friends as we are always busy with either our job or kids. It's hard to plan for a meet up with the kids as you need to make sure your kids doesn't get bored or they will test your hearing by repeating asking you what should they do and can they leave now etc.

Today, my friend and I went to a place where kids get to play and adults get to sit down and chit chat! The only thing to take note is... please make sure your kids are old enough to play by themselves if not you will have to follow them along and can't really sit and talk.

One of the reason I like about here is it's one time entry fee! After paying the entry fee you are able to stay in cool de sac for one whole day! C&C had try few other play area before but during weekend the fee is per 2 hours play which I think it's quite costly.

The weekday price is $10.70 for under 3 years old and $21.40 for 3~12 years old (per child). Weekend price is slightly higher at $13.90 for under 3 years old and $27.80 for 3~12 years old. Each child is entitled to 2 complimentary adult entry and subsequent adult needs to pay $5.50 per adult. All parents and children have to wear socks if not they are selling it at $2.30 per pair.

The mommies were sitting at the cafe inside chit chatting and sipping coffee (to be frank, the drinks are a bit over priced and coffee doesn't really taste nice but as I prefer to sit in the cafe instead of on the floor so~ :p) while the children ran all over the place playing whatever they like.

As the kids didn't bother us much except when they need to go to the restroom, thirsty or hungry, I conclude they were having fun and the mommies were able to catch up.

Reminds me of sailor moon! For those who doesn't know what is sailor moon, please go Google and... yes~ I know you might be at least 10 years younger than me.. *snore*

The cosplay princess. She wore the above dress and tiara all by herself.

Before the crowd was build up. Around 11am in the morning.

Cyrus's favourite ball pit!

Taking picture together but~ hmm~ why the son... hmmm?

Complimentary activity and I think the children loves it

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