Wednesday, June 28, 2017

10th Farmers Market Singapore

I have always love local produce hence when I know that there will be a Kranji Countryside Farmers' Market, I dragged daddy and C&C to go with me though it was raining heavily in the morning. Luckily, by afternoon the sky slowly starts to clear and the event was sheltered hence I made it to the event.

Actually we have been to the Farmers' market event around 1 year ago (the event is held once every six month) and previously it was quite congested as all the activities, F&B and stall for fresh produce were squeezed together at 2 hall. This time round there were separated to 3 section, Farmers Village; Makan Village and Market Place.

There were area for kids to have fun making art & craft also archery which I didn't let C&C try as I think they were too young to hold the bow. Daddy and C&C hide in the car for aircondition after having some interesting food (crocodile meat; frog legs; fried fish skin; beer slushie etc) while I continue to shop.

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