Saturday, August 12, 2017

Handling Money (Teaching Cherie to be independent)

Time flies~ Cherie will be attending primary school next year and we will need to give her daily or weekly allowance soon.

Cherie was bored at home on Saturday afternoon as I was cooking lunch for the family and Cyrus was having an afternoon nap. Hence she requested to go to the nearest McDonald's to purchase a packet of fries by herself. 

We have sometimes allow her to go to a stall to buy food which she wants but we were always around or nearby waiting for her. Since I know that we won't be able to be there when she attend primary school hence I agreed to let her go to the mall near our flat (within 3 to 5 minutes walking distance) to buy the fries she wants but she can only go after finishing her lunch. 

As Cherie was eating her lunch, Cyrus woke up too so I served Cyrus his lunch and Cherie begin to convince him to go with her. 

While Cyrus was having his lunch, I tried to ask Cherie about whether she knows the value of the money since I knew she had learnt it in kindergarten (childcare). I almost had hypertension when I placed 3x 50 cents coins and asked her how much it was. I think I should let her have more hands on before she start her primary school next year.

Mission team: C&C! 
I gave Cherie a pouch with S$3.00 and told her to check with the cashier the price of large fries as small fries cost S$1.50 and if large fries cost lest than S$3.00 she should buy the large fries to share with Cyrus. If the large fries is more than S$3.00, just buy two small fries so that C&C can each have one packet.

At Cherie's age, my hobby was to earn money (my dad was my customer~ I always asked him to use my 10 minutes massage service and pay me S$1.00 for the service) and counting money was a joy to me~ So I really don't understand how come Cherie doesn't know 2x 50 cents makes a dollar and 4x 50 cents makes two dollar. (T-T)

They manage to purchase successfully by themselves without daddy and mommy accompanying them. Though I don't understand why I gave her S$3.00 ends up she only purchased one small fries at S$1.50 and returned with the remaining S$1.50 (her little brother also complained why she didn't buy two packets instead). But I will treat it as a learning lesson for my little darlings~

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