Monday, August 7, 2017

Working mama easy dinner - foodpanda

Normally I will rush home to cook dinner for the family as I prefer healthy eating but of course it's hard to cook everyday and sometimes we will eat out to save the hassle.

Recently we received promotion code from foodpanda which offered us S$15.00 (minimum expenses at S$30.00 for first time user. Hence today we decided to give it a try for tonight's dinner.

It arrived at our doorstep on time is the most important factor as KFC delivery had failed us terribly previously. The food we ordered was  tasty and the best part is... we finished dinner by 7:30pm (normally by the time we reached home will be around 7pm, after I cook and have dinner we would have finish by 8:30pm)!

It feels good to finish dinner at such early timing and another good thing is... I don't need to wash any dishes (YES!!!). *lol*

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