Sunday, September 3, 2017

Children Friendly Restaurant - La Barca

This week was a long weekend and we have been playing around since Thursday (Teachers day on Thursday and Hari Raya Haji on Friday. We were almost out of ideas where to bring the kids and I saw an ad on Facebook hence hubby suggested we should go there and try out.

We saw a big play area at the open space but the weather was too hot so I hide inside the restaurant for some aircondition and order our lunch at the same time. When we entered the restaurant, there was a room filled with toys at a corner and fully air conditioned. The kids ran in straight away after they completed their lunch.

The total lunch bill were around S$78.00 after tax but we think it was quite worthwhile as if we were to bring the kids to some indoor themed playground it would have costed us approximately $50 for 2 kids for 2 hours playing and lunch or dinner cost additionally which should be total up to more than $78.

After the lunch we walked out of the restaurant and saw a bouncing castle directly outside of the air conditioned playroom. Hence we had to stay there for longer time as C&C ran off again~

Location of the restaurant is 90 Goodman Road, Block C.
Website: La Barca Singapore

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