Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Forest Adventure - Bedok Reservoir Road

C&C's childcare is closed today and we decided to try out Forest Adventure. We actually was trying our luck as the minimum height limit is 110cm. Cyrus did a checkup in school few weeks ago and his measured height was 109.6cm. We were hopping he had at least grew 0.4cm within this few weeks if not we will have to abort the plan of trying out Forest Adventure as Cyrus will be super upset if his sister can play but he couldn't. Anyway I made a pre booking for their briefing (no advance payment needed) online and reached there 30 minutes earlier before the briefing to check out Cyrus height and  make payment.

We were in luck! After the staff measured the height of Cyrus, he just make it to 110cm! All of us were very happy that we decided to try our luck (we also had backup plan incase Cyrus couldn't make it). So we proceed to sign the conscent form for the kids (adult who is 14 years old and above are necessary to accompany children who is under 7 years old and maximum 1 adult to accompany 3 children). The conscent form is similar like a disclaimer that we will take care of our kids by ourselves and in any event of accident the Forest Adventure will not be liable for responsibility.

The cost for each child is S$36.00 and accompany adult will need to pay S$20.00 each. So after payment we waited at one side for the briefing and start our "Forest Adventure"!

Wefie before the briefing start

Forest Adventure~ here we come!

The force of four

The full map of forest adventure but due to C&C's age, we only keep within kids course

Daddy's introduction video on Forest Adventure (Kids course)

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