Thursday, September 7, 2017

Children Friendly Restaurant - Platform 1094

Located at 1094 Serangoon Road, platform 1094 is a wizard themed restaurant which we were keen to tryout. Since the childcare were closed on a weekday (Tuesday) hence we decided to try out. Do take note that they are closed on Monday (actually we tried going without the kids... but it was closed :p).

The food were delicious and the service was very good! C&C had fun running around playing with the props and hubby & me focus on our food only. It's not really much magical but young children had fun (there were other kids running around like C&C).

It is more to a wizard theme bistro than Harry Porter Cafe (we googled it and it show harry porter cafe). If you are Harry Porter fans, you might felt a bit lack of something as this is not really official Cafe related to Harry Porter. Nevertheless, the foods are good the service is great and C&C had fun! That's most important to me~ (>.^)

They really know how to pose~

Daddy and C&C learning how to brew potion

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