Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Children Friendly Restaurant - Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ

It was not our first time here but we were near by hence we drop by this restaurant for our lunch cum dinner during last weekend.

There is a small ball pit within the restaurant where young kids can have fun (there is a height limit of 1.2m and Cherie has reached 1.2m though she is only 6 years old... so I think this play area is more suitable for young children) while the parents can have a piece of mind having their meal. Ju Shin Jung has a few outlet and all their outlet has a designed play area for kids. You can try Google the nearest outlet to go with your kids.

You can choose between buffet or ala carte style. I would have choosen buffet style if I was 10 years younger! But I'm getting old and can't eat as much as before so we decided to order ala carte.

They were too busy to pose for me~

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