Monday, October 9, 2017

Walking Trail at the TreeTop Walk

I think our hobby is to make C&C wear off their energy and knock them out. We have been doing this since they were toddler. It has been getting harder to knock them out as they grow their stamina. 

We had went to MacRitchie Natural Trail before when Cherie was a toddler and Cyrus was a baby. Boy~ what a huge mistake we made. As it was natural trail, it do not have smooth road surface for pram or stroller hence we walked in with the 2 young kids and they got tired very soon and we had to carry them and walk to the TreeTop Walk. Imagine carrying a sack of 5kg~10kg rice with you to walk a 11km trail! I almost collapse halfway thru! 

After the first experience, we had learnt our lesson and walk in by a shorter trail from Venus Carpark. We have been there a few times and had always need to carry the kids after half way thru. 

We haven't been here for very long time and decided to come here for a walk since hubby and I had seldom exercise nowadays. The entrance near the Venus Carpark has a newly renovated meetup point (and drop off point). Also partial of the trail leading to TreeTop Walk (from Venus Carpark) have a newly build trail which is easier to walk for the young C&C. C&C had fun walking around and releasing their energy.

This is the first time Cyrus manage to walk the whole 7km trail all by himself without asking us to carry him (well~ he did request once to daddy but daddy encouraged him to walk by himself).

But I'm aching all over... think I really lack of exercise nowadays. I used to walk the 11km trail with a  breeze but that was around 10yrs ago. :p

Newly renovated entrance

How the TreeTop Walk look like

Photo taken by Cherie

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