Thursday, November 23, 2017

Children Friendly Restaurant - Beauty in The Pot

C&C are very active (in a good way but their parents aka us get tired before them) hence we normally will try to look for restaurant with play area for them in order for us to have a "peaceful" meal.

We didn't know about this restaurant until one fine day I was shopping at Centrepoint and I chanced upon this restaurant when I was shopping at Metro.

This restaurant is located at level 5 and directly opposite of Metro (I was shopping for kids stuff hence saw the play area).

As we actually just passed by without making any research on this restaurant, we were tired after my shopping (I dragged daddy and C&C from Far East Plaza to Takashimaya and all the way to here as I was looking for some toys as Christmas present for the niece and nephew) hence we decided to give this restaurant a try without knowing the price range and whether is the food here nice or not.

I'm so glad we decided to give it a try! The food and services are great here. The price might be slightly pricier.. but for the service and food quality and the most important thing.. is C&C have fun; daddy & mommy have peace! Hence we pay very willingly. :p

The best part of this restaurant is it opens until 6am daily so its also good for night owls not only parents who have kid.

Happy C&C = Happy Daddy & Mommy

The entrance of the play area is outside the restaurant but from the restaurant you are able to see the situation in the play area. C&C make good use of it! They keep running back to our table whenever they saw us eating something... We didn't even need to call them back for their food.

The entrance of the play area

Main entrance of the restaurant

There's a promotion starts from 10:30pm! But I would be drop dead by then... I'm getting old... Can't stay awake beyond 12 mid night...

You can choose up to 4 type of soup base! Daddy love spicy and Mommy loves vitamin... :p
By the way, daddy had comment that the spicy soup base is very addictive. He keep drinking non-stop.. For people who is on diet better avoid this soup base.. My tomato soup base is quite ok but I prefer Hai Di Lao's tomato soup base better (personal preference)

Cherie's favorite La Mian and Cyrus's favorite scallop (scallop fish paste)

Udon and potato flat vermicelli (can't remember the correct name)

Refreshing dessert

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