Thursday, December 14, 2017

Genting Dream - Day 3 We reached Phuket!

The ship will be arriving Phuket at 12pm today (28th November 2017) and we went to deck 16 - The Lido for their international buffet as breakfast.

Per our previous experience with Royal Caribbean, the port of Phuket which Royal Caribbean disembarked us were quite run down and looks a bit deep in Jungle. You definitely need a car to drive to city area and the asking price of the driver at that time (we cruise on Royal Caribbean in May 2017) were very expensive and I think it does not worth the price to drive to some where cheaper as the transport cost would have added into the "cheaper" products which we must as well buy things around the port. Hence I didn't want to disembark the ship at first.

The reason why we disembark the ship was that there were no other planned activities onboard! Even Little Pandas Club was closed from 12pm to 8pm. I intended to play with the ropes course after we place C&C in Little Pandas Club (C&C did not meet the minimum requirement height of the ropes course and we had played with the slides on day 2 hence I can't think of other things to do). But since the club will be closed until 8pm, seems like we have no choice but to disembark the ship if not we might be bored to death.

Lucky us! We made the correct decision to disembark the ship! The port which we dropped off this time round was totally different from the previous port! It seems like tourist paradise with lots of tourists and shops cater to tourists.

p.s: Daddy seems like easy target to the private drivers over there... or I shall say.. drivers magnet? :p

Reaching Phuket soon!

Our breakfast on day 3 (I vow to try all breakfast at different inclusive dining area since day 1)

They labelled this as Lor Mee.. For Singaporean who knows Lor Mee... Is there any "Lor" (stands for gravy in hokkien) in this bowl? *lol*

I shall eat healthily even though every meal I have been over eating

On the tender boat towards Phuket port. The Cruise is too big to park at the port of the island.

Resorts! Apartment! Bikinis! But... no 6 packs or 36-24-36 (actually I saw one lady very near to this figure but I can't be taking her photo while drooling at her figure and face... so~)

The drivers magnet on the go... I just felt its funny.. no body dare to approach me but within short distance, daddy has 3 drivers following him and keep persuading him while I keep walking in front of him!

So cool!!!!

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