Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Genting Dream - Lunch~ Water Play~ Dinner~ Penang! (Day 2)

The cruise will be reaching Penang at 5pm and initially we do not have plan to disembark as I think by the time we reached, most shop will be closed by then.

Furthermore... I wouldn't want to miss my dinner which starts from 5:30pm! :p

However we did disembark the ship just to walk around as Little Pandas Club will only start their night operation from 9pm and there were not much activities available onboard during transit time (personal opinion is Royal Carribean have better arrangement in this case as Royal Carribean have ongoing activities even when during transit but Genting Dream do not have any activities except open play area is available... Even Little Pandas Club was closed).

While on our way to lunch. Cherie was attracted to the candy house hence I took picture of both C&C over here.

The menu for lunch at Dream Dining Room Upper. I select restaurant via mix and match as I wanted to try out all 3 different meals at all 3 different restaurant.

C&C have this weird habit of falling asleep during dinner... The son knocked out soon after I took this picture.

Mini size herbal jelly *lol*

We've reached Penang! The view from our room.

We didn't think of disembarking the cruise as by the time we reached it was almost 5pm and I think by the time we disembark and travel to sightseeing places the shops will be closed by the time we reached. Hence we brought the kids to go for a swim.

The hubby think he is macho~ :p

It's super fun!

C&C's favourite!

Better view of the long slide for kids.

The long slides for adults. Too bad the crew doesn't allow us to take videos in the slide if not we can show you more about it.

We ❤️ jacuzzi

Tonight's dinner only The Lido (deck 16) is available

As we got nothing to do after dinner and the crew informed us that Little Pandas Club will only reopen from 9pm, hence we disembark and walk around at the port.

Some kind soul helped us to take this picture. I sure hope she had took multiple shot though. :p

This was taken at the custom entrance

Daddy had asked me whether the lights at our balcony have any use... now we know~


We went back to the cruise after taking these pictures. We tried to walk out but the sky was dark and the shops around the port were already closed. So we brought C&C back to the cruise and placed them at the Little Pandas Club.

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