Monday, December 4, 2017

Genting Dream - Dream Cruises on board app

We were being informed by the travel agency that there is a Dream Cruises app available and we should download before we board Genting Dream.

As there is no data or complimentary wifi available on open sea and the pay-per-day wifi service onboard is actually quite costly (in my point of view). Furthermore, this is a family holiday and we don't think we should be busy with our smartphone except for photo & video taking, this app allowed hubby and me to communicate when we were onboard as it have a messenger function (inbox) which we can communicate when we key in the stateroom number (beware not to key in wrongly~).

This app also provide information like daily activities, daily timetable, show time, restaurant operating time etc. They do provide hardcopy of daily activities too for people who prefer to read hardcopy.

dream cruise app
You can connect to "Dream Wifi" when you are onboard of Genting Dream.

View of the app when you log in successfully

screenshot of dream cruise app
Hubby went to watch a late night movie at Deck 6 and I brought the kids back to the room to bath first as it was quite late.

dream cruise newsletter
Dream Daily which indicate the show available and transit information (if any)

dream cruise newsletter 1
Highlights of the day

dream cruise newsletter 2
Dining operation timing. Inclusive restaurants are restaurants included in the package which you already paid. Exclusive speciality restaurants are restaurants you can have meal with additional cost.

dream cruise newsletter 3
Activities & Events. Operational time for entertainment and play.

dream cruise newsletter 4

dream cruise newsletter 5

dream cruise panda club

dream cruise panda club 2

dream cruise dinning room upper

dream cruise dinning room lower

dream cruise lido

dream cruise time table

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