Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Genting Dream - Open Play / Bowling / Zouk on Sea

Since we are here on family vacation, we must look at what's available for us to play as a family!

The below photos and videos were taken on first night when we board the ship after we drop C&C at Little Pandas Club which earlier on we had mentioned that we were surprised that they start their operation on first day (or I shall say first night as we checked in around 7:30pm). Only after placing them in the Little Pandas Club we have the leisure of walking around checking the open play area if not we will be busy playing with them instead of taking photos and videos. *lol*

When we were walking around all other guests were busying eating dinner hence it looks empty when we took the pictures. We had late dinner after that (the dinner buffet line was opened until 9:30pm which gave us ample time to walk around first).

The logo of the cruise. Look carefully! Its actually a mermaid which made the letter D!

View of Deck 17 open play area

Jogging track at Deck 17

Gigantic chess

Mini golf. The only problem I think is they do not have proper area to keep the golf clubs and golf balls (its those soft type not actual golf ball). When we tried to play we had hard time finding the clubs and balls as other guest just lay it on the ground wherever they like since there is no container or anything to hold them.

C&C were disappointed as they are under 140cm. They were looking forward to play this when I saw it on the internet. The website did not mention about height, only indicate for kids and teens: "with a ‘walk the plank’ feature 18 decks above the sea" which I naturally thought that kids can play it. Only when we tried to queue for the play then we were being told that it is for 140cm and above. (Just an additional information, you need to be more than 140cm and less than 120kg to play the ropes course. Zip line was not available when we were onboard... *sad*)

There are 2 side of the cruise with ropes course and this area was not open when we were there. Hubby and I tried to ask the staff whether we can cross over to here but was being told that this section were closed.

Basket ball court which is super huge compare to our previous cruise (Voyager of the Seas - Royal Caribbean)

Super fun slide! To be frank with you... I'm a coward.. Daddy played with this while I took care of C&C. These long slides only open to adults~ when daddy told me I can go and play while he take turns to look after the kids, I said no thanks~ :p

Daddy's introduction of Deck 18

C&C only manage to play the mini version of the wooden plank as they did not meet the minimum height requirement. Daddy & mommy manage to play the ropes course at the area. Mixed feedback from daddy & mommy. Daddy said it's no kick compare to our previous experience at "Forest Adventure" (refer to our previous blog: Forest Adventure - Bedok Reservoir Road). Mommy almost scared to death as the wind were super strong and its crazy looking at the sea when you walk shakily on the wooden plank.

The area which C&C played. Not as interesting as walking on the upper level.

Its actually quite small scale compare to Voyager of the Seas

Neon lights bowling with additional cost (not free play I mean)

Zouk on the sea! We didn't went in here but we went to Zouk Beach Club for a drink (I only brought slipper and sport shoe~ both doesn't seem appropriate to walk in here with... :p)

Baby you're my fireworks~~~

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