Saturday, December 23, 2017

Genting Dream - Roaming around Phuket + Our Dinner (Day 3)

After the elephant trekking, the driver drove us to the initial attraction which hubby requested (Jeep riding) but we already ran out of Thai Baht hence we just request the driver to drive us for some shopping instead.

The driver drove us to a wholesale shop and we walked around trying to see is there any souvenirs to purchase but those souvenirs were very common type and I am sure even if we purchase. It will end up in trash after awhile. We tried to look for some clothes for C&C but the price was similar to those we saw at the port hence I was telling daddy that seems like it's not really cheaper even though we drove to the shopping area. Or it might be because daddy can speak Thai so we were able to negotiate to the price similar to the shopping area (referring to our previous experience during Royal Carribean which also transit in Phuket: C&C Royal Carribean Cruise transit in Phuket)

We wouldn't want to buy things which we know people don't need hence we only walked one round and decided to go back to the cruise since C&C were tired.

I was correct. C&C fall asleep almost immediately after we board the car. The driver drove us back to the port and we paid him the agreed amount (tips: it's better to negotiate the price first before you made decision. I overheard the sales pitch and some family of 4 accepted the price which was 4x of what we paid. There were some smart one who used Grab app which also cost much cheaper).

It's time for dinner by the time we embark the ship.

We had an early dinner at about 6pm (dinner starts from 5:30pm to 9:30pm) the ship restaurant was quite empty at this point of time hence we requested for a window seat. Dinner with a view!

Dinner menu of the day for Dream Dining Lower

The son who loves watermelon... he keep asking us to take watermelon for him (Dream Dining Lower is semi buffet style hence they always have fruits and dessert available)

Very good appetite :p

Baked Halibut with Tomato Basil Salsa, Vegetable Florets and Parsley Potatoes (my favourite dish among the three. We didn't order the western vegetarian menu... Opps!)

Veal Escalope Cordon Bleu stuffed with Swiss Cheese

Traditional Braised Duck Platter with Porridge in Teow Chew Style

The kids were waiting for Little Pandas Club to start their operation hence we bring them around to take a stroll

Son.. this is call Ping Pong... Not tennis...

When the night falls

Our daily schedule were placed outside our room everyday.

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