Sunday, December 24, 2017

Genting Dream - Day 4 Breakfast + reaching Macleod Island (Myanmar)

It's day 4 and we will be reaching Macleod island around 12pm. We have been looking forward for this transit as all of us had not been to Myanmar before.

We woke up for and get ready for breakfast but little missy have some attitude problem when we were selecting the menu for breakfast so I "allowed" her to eat at her "favourite restaurant" while we went to try another restaurant.

The problem with my girl is that she is very headstrong... like me. But she got no luck as I don't like to give in either.              

Only at day 4 then I compare the menu at deck 7 and deck 8 before making selection and it seems like I'm not the only one doing this.

The breakfast menu which Cherie likes... Actually she likes the hotdogs but the rest of us wanted to try the menu at deck 8

As Cherie insisted to eat at Deck 7 but the rest of us would like to go to Deck 8, I scanned her room card at Deck 7 and lead her to her assigned table and asked the wait staff to take care of her and we left to go for breakfast at Deck 8. Daddy requested for a table which we can see Cherie from the upper level. If you can see, she is sitting alone at the table near to the pillar. The doting daddy ran down immediately after he finished his breakfast to accompany his little girlfriend while Cyrus and me were still eating.

Our set meal

We walked around before reaching Macleod island after our breakfast. There was morning exercise going on at deck 16

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