Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cherie attending primary school + student care (after school care)

When attending childcare, we normally bring the kids to school at approximately 8:45am hence when Cherie needs to switch to be at school by 7:30am makes me worry whether she will be late everyday.

Primary school is a bit different from childcare. For childcare, to accommodate working parents need to report to work in the morning, childcare center starts from 7am but they only start their lesson from 9am. Parents can drop their children at their childcare before they head to work and the children will have free play time and breakfast until their lesson starts at 9am.

Primary school in Singapore start from 7:30am (for assembly, actual lesson start from 7:45am). Since Cherie has been used to wakes up at around 8am and reach childcare around 8:45am (I start work from 9:30am and hubby is self-employed hence he has no issue on what time to start), I was worried that she will have problem adjusting to her new school and new timetable.

Ended up the one with full of anxiety was me. Cherie was very calm and cool from the first day.

I woke up at 4:30am and couldn't sleep back so I just read a book until the alarm almost sound off and start to prepare breakfast for both Cherie and Cyrus. Once my alarm sounded off at 6:45am, Cherie jumped up from her bed and began to wash up and change to her school uniform which I had prepared.

For her primary school, parents are allowed to visit for first two days. I applied leave for the first day and followed her to school. Hubby brought the little brother to childcare and joined me later.

My girl was very calm but her anxious mommy keep running around looking for her class (there was a changes in the classroom and her classroom was different from the one we went during orientation in November 2017).
As P1 (Primary 1) students are new to the school, they were all assigned with one "buddy" (P5 students) to teach them how to purchase food during recess and bring them around if they finish their food early. After waiting for around 2 hours at the hall listening to some talk organised by the school until P1 recess time, I ran around the edge of the canteen (parents can view from the edge but cannot approach the children at the canteen to see whether the child was doing well) but couldn't find Cherie. End up its because I prepared snacks and drink for her so she only ate her own snacks and went to play at the playground within the school premises after eating her snacks. Initially I wanted to show her that we are there to give her morale support yet I couldn't find her *lol*. Hence hubby and I decided to go for breakfast first and come back to school during dismissal time to check her transition to student care (after school care).

We came back to the primary school during dismissal time and saw Cherie had a smooth transit to student care. All P1 student has a lanyard which they received during orientation and the lanyard will indicate which exit or whether the child is attending student care shall the children be released (select by parents). I had indicated in Cherie's lanyard that she is supposed to go to student care hence I think the teacher has advised her where to go for the in-house student care.

She seems very happy when we saw her and she was still in a happy mood by the time we fetch her from student care (I took leave to check on her transition so I didn't fetch her early).

Every Friday she will bring back communication book from student care for me to sign off. The communication book will indicate whether Cherie did her homework and learnt spelling for the week in student care that week. She normally will complete her homework in student care before we fetch her unless the homework need the parents to work with the student.
As a full time working mother, I think this is really a bonus as I do not need to worry about her homework (anyway... I shouldn't be worrying about her homework as this is her "job" not mine. She should complete her own work by herself just like I complete my work by myself if not my boss would have fired me if I try to sit there and wait for someone to help :p). By putting her in student care also means that I do need to worry about where she will go; what will she do or whether what kind of lunch she will eat after school so I can focus on my job.
First day of school! I am more excited than this little girl! *lol*
She just sat randomly at a table but was later assigned to the table at the last row due to her height
Saw her outside student care (first day of school). The children queuing up to go to canteen for lunch (lunch is inclusive by student care)
Beside lunch, they will serve tea break in the late afternoon.

Communication book from student care indicating the homework and activity the children has done for the week

3rd week

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