Saturday, February 3, 2018

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden (Singapore Botanic Gardens)

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden is not a new place in Singapore but they had just completed their expansion recently hence I was hopping to bring C&C there to have a look.

We brought C&C to the Children's Garden after their swimming lesson and lunch. They had a blast! The garden was previously quite small and the only thing which attracted them was the tree house. After the expansion, there are a lot of fun facts information available which attracted Cyrus and me.

The garden was divided to few segments. Farm; Stream; Orchard; Forest; Learn; Explore; Grow and Play. C&C were obsessed with certain area hence we didn't walk thru the whole garden this time round. We were here a couple of times previously and had covered the original site hence this time round we only explore the expanded area.

Personally I think this garden suits all sort of children (toddlers to around 12 to 14 years old) as they have different play area cater to different children.
Working MaMa vs C&C
Here we go (start)

Working MaMa vs C&C
Nature Play Area which is under "Learn". The shelter behind is made out of bamboos
Watermelon break time! We bought fruits from the market where we had lunch after C&C's swimming lesson

A small area at the "Nature Play Area"

A tree at the "Play" area. There's a small sand play area suitable for young toddlers beside this tree.

Lookout Point

A lot of interesting plants available here
Stairs made of woods

Too bad we were not allowed to go in. Think this is very educational for the children. Should have checked with the information counter about any courses they have.

The son is always being attracted to this type of information. Actually... me too! :p

Son! Your favourite! Chocolates!!! Its actually cocoa tree.

C&C had lots of fun playing the flying fox

Its kinda fun!

Similar to forest adventure! And its free! *lol*

The playful daddy~ Well... He is not the only one~ In fact, C&C have both parents who are playful~ Opps!
C&C met a new friend there

The son's favourite... Cola *faint* Anyway, I didn't know cola's raw material were plant! I thought they are just chemicals.. :p

Aloe vera! So tempted to cut these as my moisturiser supply... Opps! *Disclaimer: No plant or animal were harmed when this photo was taken.
Umbrella from nature~
Snack break again...

Photo taking session at the information counter outside the garden
C&C ❤️ taking photos~

Food for tots! You may grab a bite here after playing at the garden. It is just beside the information counter.

Children friendly toilet. Baby changing room is available (beside the water dispenser machine but I missed out taking picture), hot and cold water dispenser are also available hence parents with young children do not need to worry about changing their babies/toddlers or feeding their babies (nursing room is together with the baby changing room)

Toilet for young children. Super mini size!

I think the design here is very convenient for parents with young children. Changing area is also available in the rest room.

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