Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Genting Dream - Day 5 on High Sea (part 1)

Day 5 of cruising will be all the way cruise back to Singapore without transit.

The cruise planned some entertainment and we attended some activities after we placed C&C in Little Pandas Club for the morning session (before lunch). There were some activities available for C&C hence we signed up on behalf of them while they were still in the Little Pandas Club and fetch them for lunch in the afternoon and attend the activities which were suitable for them.

I used the Dream Cruise onboard app to make reservation for the show (Voyage of a Lover's Dream) but I noticed C&C were not under my app for reservation. I tried to log on using hubby's phone and C&C's name were under his app! They group the passenger via the surname. C&C has the same surname as their daddy and I have my own family name (Understand that some countries, women change their family name after they get married. They will follow the husband side family name. In Singapore, normally we women keep our own family name even after marriage).

The photographer took our picture on Macleod Island. But I didn't proceed to purchase this picture due to the son's expression

This is what the Dream Cruise onboard app will show. Daily schedule.

After breakfast at deck 16

Hubby & me went to a talk since we got nothing to do :p

So serious~

I need to confess... I'm not an art person. People think colouring is soothing I think colouring is waste of time and I feel stressed instead of soothing when I try to colour a complicated picture

Daddy's drawing

The waves were very fierce on our last day of sailing. I can feel the shakiness since morning. Should have take video to show you how fierce the waves were. Luckily the cruise were steady enough so even I feel the cruise is swaying left and right but the feeling was quite mild and the lights only sway a little (not much).

We still can pose calmly with the fierce waves

The Casino! I just wonder how come all the people crowd at one table and other tables seem to be very free

Mermaid talk. Too bad Cherie couldn't swim well. I know she will ❤️ it if she can attend this class. The mommy is willing to pay but not willing to drown her own child. *lol*

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