Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Genting Dream - Day 4 dinner + drink drank drunk

We embark the cruise and it started to drizzle so we head directly to the restaurant for dinner after slight wash up in our room (had to wash up and change to slipper due to all the fine sands from the island).

As usual, the kids fall asleep during the meal. We were eating slowly inorder for them to have more time to sleep but as the crowd increased (think most of the passengers had come back to the cruise from the island for dinner), I felt the stress to move on as I can feel that the crew keep looking at us.

We moved the kids to deck 16 and Cherie continue to take her nap at the pool side while Cyrus woke up and listen to the live band. We were waiting for Little Pandas Club to start their operation and the parents will go let our hair down!

While C&C enjoying their time at the Little Pandas Club, we were enjoying hot tub jacuzzi, live band and glasses of wine.

Anyway, the most ridiculous thing I met at the night were ordering wine at the ZOUK beach club. The reason why I said its ridiculous is because I had paid S$20.00 gratitude fee (something like service charge) per night per person for our room (C&C were both under 7 years old hence they no need to pay for the gratitude fee but both hubby and I paid S$200.00 for 5 nights stay), when I purchased glasses of wine at the ZOUK beach club, the price from the menu will charge additional 15% gratitude fee (Royal Caribbean charges 18% but they do not charge separate gratitude fee for the room) and upon signing for the payment, I saw the last column indicating "Tips". I was laughing like crazy as I was wondering isn't the gratitude fee already the "tips" to the staff? Seems like the corporate will pocket all the gratitude fees instead of sharing it with their staff? (Opps!)

Dinner menu

They were still "alive and kicking" while we were waiting for our food to be served (p.s: once you register and sit at the table, the wait staff will served automatically and there is no need to call out to them - for the set menu dinner)


live band behind

red wine and white wine in plastic glasses

enjoying movie under the stars

C&C told me they were hungry after we picked them up from Little Pandas Club... They fall asleep during dinner and still request to eat supper. Luckily Blue Lagoon (one of the restaurant) is available 24 hours with additional cost (the price is around same as normal restaurant in Singapore)

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