Saturday, January 13, 2018

Genting Dream - Dinner and Show (Voyage of a Lover's Dream)

Since the cruise will be continuous sailing and there will not be any transit, there were quite a number of activities for us to join. I had signed us up for the show, Voyage of a Lover's Dream in the morning and the time slot I selected was 7pm. My intention was to go watch the show after dinner.

However, the teachers at Little Pandas Club had informed me earlier that they had signed up both C&C for Little Dreamers performance during evening time and we will need to send both C&C back to Little Pandas Club around 8pm (show time was 8:45pm) with the clothing which C&C had selected earlier for their performances. Seems like we will be busy running around!

Genting Dream has a theme artwork of astronaut and mermaid. Voyage of a Lover's Dream talk about the astronaut who fell in ❤️ with a mermaid. The show was beautiful and exciting.

Compare of menu again!

This time round we selected the set meal! Cyrus's favourite prawn and mussel were available! I ❤️ the soup! *yum yum*

Chilled Seafood Platter

Braised Sea Cucumber and Golden Oyster with Mushroom (golden oyster here is dried oyster)

Double Boiled Premium Seafood Soup in Chicken Broth

Wok Fried Jumbo Prawn Glazed with Tangy Spicy Sauce (Cyrus's favourite!)

Wok Fried Half Shell Mussel with Chili Sauce

Poached Green Vegetables with Bamboo Pith Sauce

Steamed Giant Grouper with Orange Peele

These were for four us! *burp*

Double Boiled Hasma with Red Dates and Lotus Seed for dessert

Before the show begins

The crews!

I quite like this part though the mermaid only keep waving her tail and turn round and round. The stage effects were beautiful

They were jumping on a huge trampoline

Their dance were beautiful

The astronaut reached out for the mermaid but the distance were too far. They bounced back where they came from before they can held on to each other's hand.

The theme of the cruise. You can see a lot of related artwork all over the cruise

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