Sunday, January 14, 2018

Genting Dream - Little Dreamers and Party (Fireworks@Sea)

The teachers at the Little Pandas Club had signed up C&C for the Little Dreamers event which children get to select what they want to be (prince~ princess~ super hero~ astronaut or mermaid etc). The costume were assigned to individual children and we dressed them up in the room after our earlier show and bring them to Little Pandas Club at around 8pm for their rehearsal.

The show will starts from 8:45pm hence daddy & mommy went to walk around in the cruise to kill time.

I was quite amazed that the children can perform in such short notice. Nevertheless, C&C enjoyed themselves a lot.

Little princess whom mommy can't handle her hair. I just tie it up as a pony tail. Luckily the teachers in Little Pandas Club helped to set her hair (if not its such a waste to wear so nice with messy hair) *lol*

The cheeky little prince

Opps~ no suitable shoes available for the princess. The fairy godmother forgot to give the "cinderella" a magical touch on her slipper... 

Teacher Joy who likes C&C a lot

The performance of the children

When we returned to the room to change C&C clothes so that we can return back the costume to Little Pandas Club, we received an invitation card for the night party.

Enjoying live band before the fireworks

Cherie's hair was set by the teachers in Little Pandas Club. After watching the fireworks they went back to Little Pandas Club and stay until near to midnight since it was our last night

The fireworks. As we were very used to those professional fanciful fireworks during major event in Singapore (individual are forbidden to play with fireworks in Singapore) hence we felt that this fireworks was a bit lacking of something :p

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