Sunday, March 25, 2018

Bali: Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

The Monkey Forest was actually the initial place which hubby wanted to go. Ended up we finally reached here around 3pm. We were being told that plastic bag or bottle/can drink are not allowed to hold on hand when entering to the Monkey Forest as the mischievous monkey will snatch away from you when you walk in.

Actually... some monkeys are way smarter! We saw a monkey jumped on top of the bag of a tourist and tried to unzip his bag! His girlfriend who saw it (she was behind him) shoo the monkey away and daddy asked him whether he kept any food in his bag? *lol*

There were really lots of Monkeys around! We saw a few in Singapore before as we like to bring C&C to McRitchie Treetop Walk but its nothing compare to here. I almost had a heart attack when the monkeys ran pass me... and I didn't mean one or two... I think there were approximately 20 over of them ran pass me at one point and I just freeze there. Guess my kids are more brave than me. :p

There were cart operated by the sanctuary selling bananas to tourists who are interested to feed the monkeys. The only problem is... the monkey might climb on your back or head to get the bananas when they saw you holding one (this was what happened when we were there). I didn't dare to try as I might just slam the monkey down and alarm the whole village (of the monkey I mean) if the monkey jumped on me.

Address: Jalan Monkey Forest – Padangtegal – Ubud – Gianyar- Bali (80571)
Website: Monkey Forest
Ticket Price: Adult IDR50k / Child IDR40k (as at Mar'18)
The entrance of the Monkey Forest. The staff advised us to keep all our drinking bottles in our bag to avoid being snatch away from the monkeys.
The entrance ticket (purchased at the counter near the carpark) before we headed to the entrance of Monkey Forest.
Too funny to miss this! Every breast feeding mother will understand the center statue well... *lol*
After we purchased the entrance tickets and before we walk to the entrance of Monkey Forest. The weather was beautiful that day but super hot... We felt like we were melting hence daddy is drinking beer (we were told to discard the can before we walk in to the Monkey Forest)
Guidelines.. stay calm when the monkey jump on you, do not panic... its easier to say than to do for me (T-T)
Monkeys everywhere
I don't know what he is upset or depressed about? He has a banana in his hand! :p

Nice photo of family of three. Actually... on top of the tree above my head have few more but I was afraid that they will jump on my head. I tried my best not to make eye contact with them.

Daddy's introduction on Monkey Forest
In Bali, there are a lot of statue like this which means "Gate of Heaven"
The weather was too hot and I borrowed Cherie's rubber band to tie my hair up. I look nerd like this *lol*
The son was tired and we took a break under the shelter
We were all standing on the rock which the above picture showed
Thank you tree for giving us cooling shelter

Guess the monkey in front of me was wondering what the trio are doing (if you can see all three of them...)

Wooden swing. C&C will never miss out for a good swing.

Not sure whether the hubby wants me to enjoy his insurance earlier? Just one more step its a tall cliff which I think I can't save him if he fell down...

These are not a lot... I met with whole lot after this and I froze in the middle... unable to take out my phone to take picture

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