Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bali: Babi Guling (Roast Suckling Pig) at Ibu Oka

It was after lunch time (around 2pm) by the time we finished visiting the waterfall, hence we asked the driver whether he has any recommendation on local food.

He recommended Babi Guling (Roast Suckling pig) which was local speciality and drove us to Ibu Oka (think it's franchise or so as there are a lot of outlets available in Bali). I was amazed as all along I thought Indonesia is a majority Muslim country but in Bali, the majority is Hinduism (but they all speak Bahasa Indonesia).

To be frank with you, I think the taste was just normal but was fun to try as the roast were very crispy. Other than that I don't think we will want to try it again. It's not our driver fault. He is Muslim and he never tried before just that Babi Guling is famous in Bali that's why he recommended to us.

One thing to take note, there were those "street vendors" (people trying to sell you products by carrying the products with them without a physical store and they will keep following you) at the entrance of the driveway towards this restaurant (not the direct entrance of this restaurant) approached us when we alight from the car. Hubby could speak a little Bahasa Malayu which is similar to Bahasa Indonesia but not exactly the same hence he was talking to the driver when the driver dropped us at the roadside outside the restaurant.

An old lady street vendor with sarongs heard hubby and told him one sarong for one ringgit (I think she misunderstood and thought we were Malaysian). I pulled hubby into the restaurant as I have no use for sarong. Hubby kept thinking that the old lady (not really old in my point of view she seems like in late 40s or 50s) was very poor thing and 1 ringgit was equivalent to around S$0.40 so he convinced me to make a purchase with the old lady though I have no use (seriously speaking... I don't buy stuff which I have no use and clutter the house.. I like to keep my home clean).

Ended up after our lunch we walked out, when we approach the same street vendor, she asked for IDR150,000 which is S$15! My empathy already lost it's effect when I heard this... RM1 is only around IDR4,000. The "inflation" within 30 minutes were unacceptable to me. I told my hubby straight no and just walk towards our driver (we watsapp him before we left the restaurant so he can drive up to fetch us).

The thing is... I don't like it when these people try to be funny. If she outright told us IDR150,000 when we arrived I still can accept. But she mark up a lot after we consider to buy from her. Good try~ but I have good memory when it comes to money (I admit other than money I have short term memories).
No air condition no fan over here. But the natural breeze from the nature salvage us
Initially we wanted to sit here with the view but it was too hot over here
The fish pond behind our table. We came here to feed C&C~ they come here to feed fish (there's a big bag of fish food on the floor beside our table and the waitress allowed C&C to take the fish food to feed the fish)
Coconuts everywhere
Old guy eating young coconut :p
Soto! My favorite!
Spicy sauce. I told them to put separately as I couldn't take spicy. Ended up hubby said it's not spicy enough so he asked for chilli padi

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