Saturday, April 14, 2018

Bali: Dinner on 2nd night & breakfast on 3rd day (Richeese / Aleva Villa)

Initially I wanted to try out local food for dinner but the son was very hungry and keep crying in the car (I'm not sure why he was so hungry... We ate breakfast, teabreak and lunch earlier on - the teabreak is Mee goreng and Nasi goreng [fried noodle and fried rice]!).

Knowing the road well, the driver drove us to the nearest fast food chain, Richeese.

Daddy & I proceed to order dinner from the counter. Richeese is similar to KFC except it serves rice as side dish. We changed some of the sides to C&C's favorite, fries. After ordering, I left daddy to pickup our order and went back to check on C&C.

I noticed that the patrons beside our table were giggling and saw my son sobbing without sound and keep doing the gesture that he is hungry (rubbing his tummy in circles with one hand). Until then I understand why the next table were giggling at. The son's action was extremely funny! *lol*

C&C had a fufilling dinner. The fried chicken comes with generous portion of cheese which Cherie loves cheese (Cyrus doesn't like cheese hence he pass it). Daddy ordered level 5 spiciness (the counter staff was surprised when she asked what level he wants and he asked for the maximum spiciness) and seems like he was almost on fire while eating the spicy chicken. The verdict was he can't feel his toungue and his fingers felt numbed after the dinner. For those who love spicy food should try this out when you visit Bali!

I wanted to buy mangosteen after dinner but ended up getting 2 durians at SGD8 instead. We had durians as supper that night and I called the front desk to select our breakfast next morning and this time round I asked them to deliver our breakfast at 7:30am the next day.


My dinner. Bandung drink, chicken with cheese and rice (packet)

Level 5 spiciness

It feels so good to see this after whole day out

2 durians for S$8. It's sweet but compare to durians available in Singapore, the durians in Bali have the fresh grass taste and the flesh look slightly greenish

Ordered different breakfast and didn't request for floating breakfast. The floating breakfast was fun but its hard to chase after the breakfast in the jacuzzi pool

Delicious breakfast

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