Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bali: Mount Batur (active volcano)

After having breakfast, we met our driver at 8am (we arranged our breakfast to be served at 7:30am). Initially, daddy was asking the driver whether he can fetch us at 2am and send us to Mount Batur for trekking. The trekking starts from 4am and our villa is 2 hours drive away from Mount Batur. The driver asked us whether we will be staying until Tuesday as he only dropped us off the day before at 8pm hence it's impossible to fetch us at 2am the next day.

As we will be going back home on Monday (the day we went Mount Batur was on Sunday), it is impossible to reach Mount Batur at 4am for trekking to see the sunrise. I got to admit... No matter how adventurous I am, waking up at 2am for trekking at an active volcano is too much for me to handle.

We reached far away at another site which can see the active volcano from a distance but daddy asked the driver to drive us near to the volcano. When reaching the foot of the volcano I started to make noise and insist we drive back (I think the driver was very thankful regarding my insist to head back). The road was very bumpy, narrow and steep. The driver was like a formula one racer keep changing his manual in order to climb the steep road back to the main road. Gosh~ the driver is driving SUV! Not a jeep you know. If he had drove an auto car instead of manual car I think we will stuck there and need to call for tow.
The volcano is behind us. The black colour portion are dried lava
We went to the restaurant for some "tea break" in order to enjoy the view
I heard that this mountain at another side is another volcano but we didn't manage to go near.
Super sunny day!

Warung Bukit Sari
Menu of the restaurant. The price is approximately Singapore's hawker price. But based on the local's average earning, the price is actually quite steep for local. Oh! By the way, there is no toilet roll at all in the restroom and they do not have flush system. Only a big pail of water for you to wash off... also... I didn't see any lights in the restroom... (not complaining as I respect their living standard. Just a note to people who is or plan to go there)

Warun Bukit Sari
Salty soto (soup). Taste quite alright but I noticed Balinese taste are more salty than Singaporean.

Warun Bukit Sari
Nasi goreng (again) :p

Mount Batur

Mount Batur
At the foot of the volcano... the black rocks are dried up lava

Hubby exploring at the foot of the volcano while C&C and I wait in the car with the driver

Mount Batur

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