Friday, August 3, 2018

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace (Thailand)

Following the tour, we went to Bang Pa-In Royal Palace which is also known as Summer Palace. It is located approximately two hours north of Bangkok and around 20 minutes south of Ayutthaya.

There are strict rules to follow. First of all, only children below 6 years old are able to wear shorts. For children above 7 years old and adult are required to wear long pants or skirt/dress which have to cover at least until knees. No slipper; no shorts; no tight pants; no mini skirts; no sleeveless shirts/tops; no sleepwear; no sportswear are allowed. Entry will be denied if you doesn't meet their criteria.

That's the main reason why Cherie was wearing a jacket though the weather was super hot during our visit as her dress is long enough but it was sleeveless.

This place is beautiful and breath taking too. Highly recommend to people who are tired of shopping in Bangkok to come here to walk and enjoy the view.

The buildings here were influenced by late King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) who was the first Siam King who travelled out of Thailand (Siam) and brought back knowledge and technology to apply in Thai government at that time.

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