Thursday, June 20, 2019

2019 June School Holidays - Resorts World Genting (Malaysia) Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park

Thanks to sister-in-law's planning and execution, we have a family trip to Resorts World Genting (Malaysia) on the first week of June school holidays.

The last time we went Genting was when Cherie was only a few months old and I suppose I was pregnant with Cyrus but at that time was about 1 to 2 month pregnant). Initially, I thought C&C could play at the theme park but seems like the theme park was not fully open and only indoor theme park is available.

The ticket price is RM16 per ride on Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holidays and School Holidays. Normal price from Monday to Friday will be RM11. There is a "Preview Pass" which cost RM64 which allows unlimited rides within that day. 2 Day pass cost RM83. Both adult and children cost the same.

I wanted to buy 4x 1 day pass for our family but after some consideration, I decided to just buy 2x 1 day pass for C&C. The reason being I can't ride most of the rides with them due to height limitation and some rides which hubby and I can ride, C&C couldn't ride. In this case, it will be a waste for us since we can't ride rides without taking care of C&C.

Cyrus was lucky that his height is approximately 120cm to 122cm hence he can ride most of the kiddy rides and adult rides. Cherie is not as lucky. As Cherie is approximately 130cm and above, she couldn't ride kiddy rides and adult rides are too scary for her (after all she is only 8 years old!).

Ended up Cyrus had tons of fun and Cherie was disappointed (to be frank if I didn't calculate wrongly, Cherie only rides about 4 rides).

Overall, I still think it's enjoyable as long as you take note about the height limit. Some parents didn't check their kid's height limit before queuing for the rides. It was quite a long queue hence imagine the disappointment when the kids couldn't ride when it's their turn.

Some of the rides need the kid to be at least 122cm tall to be able to ride alone (under 122cm needs a paying adult whom is at least 16 years old to ride with the kids. Older siblings who is taller than 122cm but under 16 years old are not counted). I noticed that some parents were like me didn't purchase the 1 day pass for themselves but didn't check the height of their kids before queuing and was turned away by the staff when it's was their turn (I'm a kiasu Singaporean mom. I asked the staff and confirmed Cyrus's height with the staff before proceeding to queue for the ride).

A small exhibition available during school holidays. Kids with theme park tickets get complimentary entry

People mountain people sea (Singlish style of expressing that there's a lot of people)

Price of the tickets. I was thinking about getting snow city and skytropolis indoor theme park package which cost RM95. Am lucky that I saw the review online and went to the snow city to take a peek (it was glass window hence I can see inside). The snow city is more like an ice city. Some adults tried to make a snowball using the "snow" on the floor but it can't stick at all just slip away thru their fingers like sand (I was lucky to see it hence I decided not to waste time to go to their snow city)

Some of the rides were not available (referring to those with a cross beside the rides). You can check this list and your children's height to confirm which rides they are able to ride alone and which rides they need an adult to accompany. As you can see, for Cherie's height she can only play with Ballon Race, Royal Carousel and Boo Boo Bump (by the way, I didn't manage to "discover" Boo Boo Bump... not sure where is this ride?). The rest are thrill rides (the only thrill rides she manages to ride were Sky Tower. The rest are 360-degree spinning and Bumper Boss (bumper car) was closed by the time we wanted to queue for it.

Baloon Race

Royal Carousel

Interactive screen. The elephant is actually copying my action. Cyrus was too short for the sensor to sense his action

Whirly Bugs (it was closed initially but operates in the late evening)

Copper Express

Sky Towers

Cyrus's favourite ride! Jumping Spurs

Loop de Loop. Cherie was super envy but couldn't play due to her height was over limit

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