Sunday, June 16, 2019

2019 June School Holidays - National Museum of Singapore

It's June school holidays (again). C&C still attending student care every day during weekdays as their mommy is full time working. But their working mom has always believed that children learnt more thru play.

Knowing that museums have a lot of activities or exhibition cater for children during school holidays, hence I decided to bring them to a museum to hang out after their swimming lesson.

Initially I wanted to go to Singapore Art Museum (SAM). However, by the time we reached there we noticed that the museum is closed due to redevelopment (as at 15 June 2019). We were lucky that National Museum of Singapore was near (some walking distance but within 10 minutes). So here we go~

National Museum of Singapore is currently holding "Get Curious!" Children's Special at the National Museum from 1st to 30th June 2019 at their basement level. The good news is this exhibition is open to all without any entrance fee. Well~ working mommy also very practical you know? *lol*

The escalator towards the play&play for all!

I was wondering where is the bouncing castle which the museum staff had informed me at the entrance of the museum.

It's a huge magnetic puzzle of Singapore long long time ago (before we developed)

Patching broken pieces~

I'm not sure why but le son seems to be obsessed with this game

Finally found the bouncing castle. The entrance was at the end of the pathway!

This play area is actually sensory play for toddlers

This green little bird bouncing castle had long queues. Every time 6 children are allowed to go in and play with a certain time limit. I prefer it to be like this at least kids will not crush kids if over crowed.

C&C manage to play in all bouncing castle (shaped like birds from our region)

Another sensory tent for toddlers

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