Saturday, February 11, 2017

Allowing kids to learn how to spend

I have seen parents splurge on kids by giving them whatever they requested for and most of the times children who get everything easily tends to take things for granted. I try not to spoil C&C hence I seldom buy toys for them. They once told their teacher that their mommy will not buy any present for them during children day or birthday. I jokingly told Cherie that she should be the one to give me gifts during her birthday as I was the one who suffered when giving birth to her (natural birth without epidural). The son has no request so far as he seldom compare himself with other children (again~ different child different character)

On her 6th birthday, I decided to give her some of her red packet (Ang Bao) money to spend and buy a gift for herself. As this is the first time she is buying gift for herself, she was very excited and keep asking me about whether she can buy one or two present with the given budget. I told her that as long as she can keep within her budget, she may get whatever she want and more than one is possible.

The excited girl who do shopping with a big smile.

Pose with the minion glasses but luckily she never say she want to get this... I would have upright reject her :p

In the end she choose 2 for S$25 toy with sweets for both her brother and herself.

She had problem to differentiate coins and dollars but well~ we need to start from somewhere don't we?

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