Thursday, February 9, 2017

My way of parenting

Having two kids with 13 months gap make me realised that though kids have same set of genes but they have different characters. When come to deal with individual child, we need to use different tactic.

But main important thing (for me) is to being fair to individual kid. I don't believe in elder child needs to give in to youngest child just because he/she is the elder one (guess most probably I was the eldest one hence I knew the feeling). Whoever take the toy first can play first before passing to the sibling. Whoever make a mistake will be punished without involving the other child. Understand that some parents punish their children as a group but I personally feels that this will make the child who did nothing wrong having resentment towards the sibling who made him/her received punish for no reason.

C&C do fight with each other sometimes but they also take good care of each other most of the time.

They really play well together.

We are proud to be always available to play with them.

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