Monday, February 6, 2017

C&C first trip to USS - 3

Kids are easy to predict, their facial expression tells everything. They don't hide their emotions when they are happy or upset unlike adults... In the corporate world, staying poker face is actually a form of survival skill. I hope C&C can enjoy their childhood before they need to face the reality.

After lunch. The girl continues to be happy and the son started to show that he is tired...

Infront of Far Far Away Kingdom. By the way, daddy have been saying mommy is a princess... Princess Fiona... that makes you a Shrek you know daddy....

We were lucky! We stood out from the 4D Shrek attraction and saw the cats dancing performance. We were leaving when the performance ended and just before we walk thru the pathway the staff asked to queue for phototaking session infront of us so we took the opportunity to take this picture (in normal circumstances we won't queue).
Daddy said this is Facebook icon... but it's actually meant for "Far Far Away" Kingdom. Daddy might be too addicted to Facebook to say that this look like Facebook icon...

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