Tuesday, February 7, 2017

C&C first trip to USS - 4

Ever since C&C reached three years old, we tried to minimise the usage of pram in order to train their stamina. On the other hand we noticed some places (out of Singapore) we traveled to were not as family friendly as Singapore. The pathway on the street were too narrow for pram and people to walk thru. C&C had to walk on their own since their second overseas trip in 2014 and after that we gradually eliminate the use of pram for them. Hence they might be too tired to walk and will fall asleep in the middle of no where sometimes. We normally will look for a place and let them nap for awhile while we rest and have a drink.

This time round in USS does not have any exception, Cyrus fall asleep after a few rides and lunch. We were lucky that there was a show going on at the theatre so we let him rest there while we watch the show (in aircondition room! Thank god for that! *lol*).

It was a short queue when we queued up. We gave up on Cookie Monster and Ernie due to the Long queue. 

Knocked out!

We enjoy the aircon and show while the brother dozed off.

It was an interesting show and Cherie loves it. Well~ as long as the birthday girl is happy.

At the end of the show, there were bubble shower and the birthday girl roamed around trying to catch the bubbles. The brother woke up after everything ends. Very good timing and we continued to roam around since he had his power nap.

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