Saturday, March 25, 2017

C&C caught chicken pox

The past four weeks felt like rollercoaster to my emotions. I discovered Cherie have chickenpox on my 33rd birthday! I was in horror to see her chickenpox infested face and she was so upset as she should be going for school excursion the next day but after checking with the doctor, we confirmed that she was having chickenpox and she needs to stay at home for one week. She broke down and cried for two days and I was upset too as she sounds so heart broken when she cried (most important thing was I'm worried that she will have full of scars on her face!).

Luckily she recovered after one week though the outbreak of chickenpox on her was quite a lot. We even brought Cherie and her little brother to have ice cream at Swenson upon confirmed that she had recover with the doctor (as C&C attends childcare, we need doctor certified that the kids are fit for school if they have contagious virus).

We brought C&C out for events the next weekend and they had lots of fun. However, on Monday when both kids were supposed to attend school I noticed Cyrus have similar spots on his legs but compared to Cherie it was pretty mild. It looks more like few mosquitoes bite him but we were all ok only he has the rash. Daddy brought him to the clinic and I continued to go to work after sending Cherie to school as I was suppose to be on leave on Tuesday due to childcare will be closed for Staff Training. True enough, he was confirmed with chickenpox two weeks after his sister but his symptom was much milder than his sister. He recovered from chickenpox after one week but fall sick again with fever, stuffy nose and cough two days later with a lump on his right throat. I was so worried as he had fever at night for three straight night. He looks so sick and tired hence I gave him paracetamol to ease his pain and fever (I'm not a fan of medication, I normally let the kids recover by themselves to build their immune system but he seems to be too sick without medication). Thank god he recovered yesterday morning (to be frank, he still had fever on Thursday night and was super cranky). I am so glad that he becomes his usual self and keep giving me the cheeky face. I rather have a cheeky and noisy boy rather than sick and quiet boy.

See! How can I be not upset upon looking at her face... (T-T)

Well... at least she is happy resting at home when I need to work~

The standard porridge I'll cook whenever they are sick. Pumpkin, broccoli and salmon porridge.

My life saver. When I was young I used this to heal my wound and end up using the remaining as moisturiser and find it very useful. I was afraid that Cherie might have scar on her face hence bought this for her. 40ml for S$9.20.

Almost cleared (I mean her chickenpox and scars)

When she got clearance from the doctor.

Cyrus turn to get chickenpox 2 weeks later. I think this was heat rash... there is only 1 visible chickenpox if you look carefully. 

After Cyrus got clearance from the doctor we went to the mall for event. But 2 days later he fall sick again and the symptom (fever, running nose and cough) was much worst than when he had chickenpox (T-T)

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